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Five Guys to Target in Fantasy Football 2009

Posted on: August 28, 2009 10:14 pm
1. Felix Jones, Dallas Cowboys, RB

If Felix Jones is able to play 16 games this year, then he will be putting up Chris Johnson type stats by year's end. This is the guy who many people thought was better then McFadden when they were both coming out of Arkansas. He had 266 carries last year on only 30 carries in an injury plagues season last year. 

Dallas is going to have a huge offense this year, and although Jones will miss out on the goal line stuff because of Barber, it's not out of the question that he could break a huge run. He can easily score from 15 or 20 yards out. You might get him in the sixth round, but in reality, he's a second round talent. He plays in a better offense then most of the starting running backs one can get in the first round (Jackson, Gore, Jones-Drew).

Plus, Jerry Jones is an ex-Razorback (and you know that matters in Dallas...)

2. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles, WR

Simply: He's the number 1 receiver in one of the best offenses in the league. The Eagles are going to be putting up a lot of points on the board. They are stock full of running backs and wide receivers this season, and McNabb is going to be looking at Jackson to set the mold for the rest of the guy's. He's their only deep attack guy, and should be seeing a lot of balls coming his way. 

It is still a mystery whether Jackson has the hands and the mindset to be a number 1 receiver in the game, but at least he'll be getting the opportunity to do so in Philly this season. He is going to be in place to catch 80+ balls.

3. Matt Cassel, Kansas City Chiefs, WR

If the NFL was a John Hughes movie, then Cassel would be the geek in every movie who gets his opportunity to shine, exceeds expectations, and still is unable to go home with the girl that he wants. "The Geek" was thrown into the first game last season and was still able to make it count. It was a little rough in the beginning, but just think that if Favre could of won a game down the stretch and the Patriots would have been in the playoffs. 

Cassel gets thrown to the side and traded (for pretty much nothing) to Kansas City. It might be loser's luck with him, because in Kansas City, he is going to get: A. Todd Haley, the offensive coordinator for the Super Bowl runner-up Cardinals last year, and B. a large collection of athletes - both veteran and young players - who can work together to spark that offense.
Cassel might not get his points from last year, but he does play in the AFC West, and his last 5 games are played against: Denver, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Denver.

4. Glen Coffee, San Francisco 49ers, RB

I'm hesitant to say this guy's name because I don't want anybody in my league to figure out about this guy, but the athletic Alabama star has somewhat already caught the NFL world on fire with his 126 yards against Oakland. Well, you say, Oakland isn't a tough defense so why does that matter? 

Because San Francisco has the 2nd easiest running schedule in the NFL (Seattle is 1st, Baltimore is 3rd) and Coffee is backing up the overrated Frank Gore (he has scored only 11 touchdowns in last two years). He gets to play against every NFC West team twice, but dates with Detroit, Houston and Indy. When Gore gets injured sometime between weeks 4 and 6, you will be wishing you had Coffee.

5. Earl Bennett, Chicago Bears, WR

Yes, Yes, Yes, EVERYBODY has been talking about this guy as a huge sleeper, but believe it. Besides the Vanderbilt connections and the fact that Hester is still getting used to the playoffs. The truth that with a QB like Cutler, he has the ability to raise his game a crazy amount even while having the same skills. A great quarterback can make an average wide receiver a really good one. It's kind of like playing with a really good point guard. Earl Bennett is going to be benefitted from playing with Cutler, just like Shawn Marion was benefitted by playing with Steve Nash. 

Maybe he won't catch as many touchdowns as Hester will, but he will give you the every week production. Look for probably 80 catches, 900 yards and 8 touchdowns. 
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